Trainings and Certifications:

*500hr Yoga teacher Training

(Blue Banyan Yoga school, Philadelphia)

*Trauma Informed Yoga Training

(with Hala Khouri)

*Reiki Level I & II

(Kim Cherry, Reiki Master; Skippack, PA)

*Reiki Master, level III

(Danielle Stimpson, Reiki Master;

Learn Reiki Philadelphia)

*Educational Degrees:

B.S. Elementary and Special Ed.

M.A. Language, Reading and Culture

Educational Certifications:

Elementary Ed K-6

Special Education K-12

Reading Specialist K-12

ESL Specialist K-12

National Board English Language Arts Certification

for middle grades 5-9 


My name is Beth Heed, and I am the founder of Oak & Acorn Wellness.
It is my sincere hope that we can all reach the depths of our hearts and minds to become the person that our spirit wants us to be.
I began my career in public education upon graduating from college in 2003. Though I have always enjoyed classroom teaching, and it is truly a "work of heart", I always knew I that I also wanted to be able to work as much with spiritual teachings as those in the academic realm.
As a long-time practitioner of Yoga myself and a seeker of many sacred teachings, I would incorporate mindfulness and wellness activities in my classroom where applicable. I was the teacher that spent as much of my day planning our school's community garden and girls' groups as I did my English lessons for the week. I wanted to reach my students on a level beyond their intellect.
It was after the birth of my daughter in 2012 that I fully embraced the idea of taking my wellness practices and spiritual lessons and sharing them with others. 
At that time, I completed my 200 and 500hr Yoga teacher training programs, and finished the 3 levels of Reiki mastership. 
My hope is to connect us more to our own hearts, to the healing power with in ourselves, to nature, and to each other. Spending time in wild places, and in deep connection with others, has been where my heart opens up the most. I believe that through consciously navigating our human lives, space for magic to enter is created! 
The services that I offer can be tailored for all ages and mobility ranges. Wellness, after all, is for every-body.  I look forward to working with you and your family on your journey towards whole-hearted living and well being.